Seeing Drake in Concert

Hi all

It’s been a while since I blogged and for that I’m sorry.

Week before last, my partner and myself went away to Rome for a short trip. It was the most amazing place and I will do a follow up blog on that. But for now I wanted to talk about the Drake concert.


I’d booked Drake tickets last year in October. I’d bought them as a treat for my boyfriend’s birthday. It took me absolutely ages to find seats (lots of refreshing and refreshing and refreshing) until finally I just took the nosebleed seats up on tier 4 (for anyone who has been to a concert at the 02, you’ll know what I mean).

We arrived by car to the arena as there was a lovely tube strike on and went for a bite to eat first. But did you know if you’re a Sky TV customer, you can get access to the backstage bar where you can sit and wait comfortably for the show to start? Well I didn’t until the day before and so I booked two tickets and had a lovely drink before the show started.


The opening act was Young Thug. Not an artist I personally would have ever chosen to watch live, but my partner liked it. Luckily I knew a few songs so I wasn’t completely bored while he performed (and to his credit, he was good).

But then of course, it was Drake’s show and when Drake came on stage the atmosphere in the arena was electric. He can really work a crowd and I had an absolutely amazing time (once over the initial height fear) of dancing and singing along to the songs.

He even brought out Giggs – to whom I’m such a fangirl of – and they both performed Whipping Excursion, which I loved (more so than any of the other parts of the show!). Drake spoke a little about the foreign politics happening and urged us all to stick together and then he announced wanting to do an OVO festival in the summer in London, which sounds amazingggg.


Stage wise, he kept it quite basic, but at the end he had the (famous now, I’m sure) globe which he performed around. He did all the songs you expected and then a few I didn’t, such as Legend. It was a good show, but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever been to.

Plus I came out of the show to a £33 car park ticket…not the best thing to see when you’d just paid over £60 a ticket originally to watch Drake, plus all the other bits on the night.

Anyway – did anyone else watch Drake? What did you think? Or is he someone you’d want to go and watch? Comments below!

Top from Boohoo (but last year – sorry!)


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