My trip to Rome and an announcement!

I am soooo sorry about how late this post is. I mean, I’ve even been to Paris since! But I’ve had a few things going on. Namely…

I’m 18 weeks pregnant!

Yes, it’s a surprise to me too. Well, not so big a surprise…obviously. But my partner and I are very happy and excited. My next blog post will be all about it. If you have any questions you want me to answer, drop me a comment here and I will try my best to include it!

So anyway. Rome.

Oh my goodness. It is literally one of the most beautiful, amazing, surreal places in the whole world. Standing on the ground that ancient Romans walked on made me feel quite humble and also quite small. The world is so much bigger than my orbit and my pregnancy news haha. But it was nice for Lewis and I to go away while I was pregnant and be able to show the baby one day pictures of me pregnant and still enjoying travelling and taking the baby with me!

We went for three days.

We stayed in the Torre Argentina Relais. It was a boutique hotel, very modern, and literally so close to all the places you’d want to go and see. We arrived mid afternoon after a quite easy flight and took a cab to the hotel. The staff were amazing – I couldn’t fault them – and every evening they provide a drinks and canape reception for the guests at no extra cost.


It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived. Right on the doorstep of our hotel was a place the locals called ‘the Birthday cake’, which is also something they don’t really like as it’s quite large and in your face.


We then walked down to the fountain and took some regular tourist pictures before going back to the hotel and getting ready for dinner. We’d been recommended a great little Italian restaurant called Da Bucatino’s, which was very authentic. The food was a little too rich for me and none of the staff spoke English so it made ordering a little difficult. But we met the most amazing group of American’s there who gave us a long list of other places to visit and eat in for the remainder of our stay.


The next day, the weather turned, though we didn’t realise this until we were already out in it. It was freezing and a bit drizzly. But we headed down to the Forum and spent an amazing amount of hours exploring and walking and basking in the feel of Rome. I’d really recommend getting the audio tapes if you go to the Forum and Colosseum because they are both so vast and have so much history, it would be a shame to not know exactly where you are and what happened there. Though we did shamelessly follow a tour group around and listened to their guide tell the story of the Forum in far better detail than the tapes. We’d wanted to go to the Colosseum on the same day, but no one told us that it closed early and by the time we go there, they’d already let the last group in.

coat from Zaful.

Alas, the last day, we made it there and it did not disappoint. It’s just such a fantastic place. Never have I walked so much while on a trip! But there’s so much to see and Rome is quite a small city in comparison to, say, Paris, that you can actually get to a lot of places by walking. We had our last lunch at a pizza place nearby called Pizza Forum, which was nice but didn’t quite have the same atmosphere as some of the other places we’d been to.

But there you have it! My trip to Rome. We didn’t quite get everywhere we wanted to go and next time I think I’d want to stay longer and try more things. So how about you? Have you been to Rome? If so, what places would you recommend visiting?


8 thoughts on “My trip to Rome and an announcement!

  1. Huge Congratulations! I would like to go to Rome but my preference would be Venice! Would love to go for the Masquerade festival!


  2. I’ve never been to Rome but would love to go. I stayed in the Venetian Riviera many years ago and went on a day trip to Venice, it is very romantic (and expensive!) there


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