Shaka Zulu Review

So, not so long ago, it was my birthday! Whoo! One more year until I hit the 30’s club. I’m actually pretty excited about it.

Anyway, my partner booked to take me to dinner at Shaka Zulu in Camden. As I’m currently up le duff, he didn’t want to book anything too strenuous but still something neither of us had done before and something not focused around alcohol. We’d both wanted to try this place, and so we booked.


The journey from South London to Camden is never the most straight forward or quickest. And my swollen ankles in heels was probably not the best idea, but when I walked into Shaka Zulu, I was glad we’d made the effort.

It was like walking into a new country, or the jungle or something. I was amazed and instantly wowed. On a niggly point, the escalators were not working and clomping down those steps in my condition wasn’t fun, but it couldn’t be helped.



We had the loveliest lady take us to our seats. She noticed I was pregnant and we had such a nice conversation about children and the highs and lows of pregnancy. And then she brought us over two non alcoholic cocktails, on the house.

We had a set menu, which was incredibly varied and had a bit of everything. We did have a look at the main menu too, and there was just way too much choice, so I’m glad in a way we had a more limited version.


I went for the prawns with curry mayonnaise, and my partner went for the soup. It was absolutely delicious.

image6For the main, I thought I’d be adventerous (as we were in a South African restaurant) and ordered the Ostrich steak. My partner was less adventerous and went for a regular steak. We had potatos and peri fries on the side. And my goodness the Ostrich steak was divine. It was so soft and the flavours were perfect. Incredibly filling too.


Dessert was a dark chocolate tart with a honeycomb topping. They even decorated the plate for my birthday, which was sweet of them.


All in all the service was great. We went on a Sunday so it was a lot quieter than if we’d gone on a Friday or Saturday. Plus the downstairs was shut which is where they have the bar so that probably had something to do with the quiet. The toilets were downstairs, and once again the escalators were broken. But it didn’t stop the experience or the great time we had.

I’d rate this 4 out of 5 stars.


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