Blog’s I’ve been loving

Hi everyone

Sorry it has been such a horrifically long time since I posted, but the throws of pregnancy and everyday life have really sucked the energy out of me!

Today I come with some posts I’ve managed to catch up with and thought you might enjoy reading.

Get That Summer Glow – a great post on skincare options you can try to get a beautiful summer glow without needing to go away!

eBay Home Bargains – I love decorating my house and so any blog post that points out beautiful home accessories for cheap is a dream come true.

New Skincare and Beauty Products – I love Joyce’s blog. Always read it. And as I’m constantly reading up about swaddling and baby bottles, I don’t always have the same time to look up new beauty products. So this is great.

Hair Heroes for The Summer – I am a big advocate of keeping your hair as healthy as your skin (and often it can get ignored), so this post will give you some insights into tried and tested products to stop your hair drying out.

Do you have any blog posts you’d recommend?


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