Mothercare Expectant Parents event

I know this post won’t appeal to a lot of my followers (don’t worry, a beauty post is coming next!) but on the off chance one of you are pregnant or thinking of having a baby soon, I wanted to give you my experience of the Mothercare Expectant Parents event I went to last week.

It started at 6pm (the invite tells you to get there on time) but I was a little late due to my train times and commute. You’re allowed to bring one guest, but I went solo as my partner was working a late shift and I didn’t think it necessary for him to book time off.

I was right.


On arrival, you’re handed a goody bag and told the times of the talks. They were spaced out over the hours of the event, which was slightly annoying because it meant hanging around until after 8pm to hear all of them. I think they should have published the times of the talk and you could attend depending on which talk you were most interested in hearing. For example, there was a first aid for children talk, which I wasn’t interested in as I’m already first aid trained for work. I’d have preferred the car seat fitting demonstration, which I missed.

There is a quite unhealthy snack table you’re pointed to, which offers crisps, chocolates, biscuits, grapes and juices. You were free to go back as many times as you liked. Spread across the shop were various tables and staff on hand to give advice. I found the midwife table the most valuable as I was able to ask them as many questions as I wanted, which I never get to do during my appointments because the time is usually dictated by what my midwife wants to talk about and not me. At the event, they were there to sell homebirths as a birthing option, but my heart is set on a water birth and they gave me some useful information on that.

I also got my bra size checked, and as suspected I had gone up two sizes. There was a sale on throughout the store on various items and you got a 10% off voucher to use during your visit. However, comparing the prices of these items with the discount to Amazon prices etc, it didn’t work out any better. I bought a cotbed set and left it at that.


I was really interested to see what came in the goody bag as I know that was what a lot of people were keen on knowing. I was a bit disappointed, truth be told.

I can’t tell you how many samples of pregnacare I have – enough to last me two pregnancies. There were a ridiculous amount of leaflets too. You got a sample of ABC Bears, which fine but my baby isn’t going to be eating those for a while. A sample of Aveeno baby moisturiser, Milton sterilising tablets, a pack of huggies wipes, a Baby on Board badge, mini moments cards and another 10% off voucher to be used within 2 weeks.


The only leaflet I found helpful was the hospital bag checklist as I have no idea exactly what to pack and don’t want to be floundering when I’m packing it at 34 weeks!


All in all, I’m not sure it was worth leaving work a little early for, but the event was free and I did get some useful advice from the midwives while there. The goody bag doesn’t seem to be as good as I’ve seen on previous years events and I hope next year they step up a little and make them better!


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